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Let Transitions be a part of your transformation.

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What is Transitions?

It’s a childbirth class about transforming… from earthbound to airborne.

It’s a place to connect, share, learn, and ask.

It’s for those who know just what they want from their birth experience, and those who have no idea at all.

It’s nuts-and-bolts facts and nitty-gritty details.

It’s learning to relax, breathe in and out, and surrender to the process.

What is Transitions?

It’s a childbirth class that teaches you to do what, deep down, you already know how to do.


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From the class…

Your class had really prepared us, and I credit it with a large part of my success. Had I not been knowledgable, I would not have made it.
Brooke M., Nashville
The class was awesome. Thanks so much for the helpful information in class and a great tour. I feel much better about everything now and much more prepared!!!
Michelle J., Nashville
We did it… all natural. I couldn’t have done it without (my husband) and we couldn’t have done it without all of the helpful info and resources the class provided.
DeeDee H., Nashville
(My partner) and I absolutely loved your class! I feel a lot more confident now with everything, just even having the knowledge of what to expect is so helpful.
Colleen H., Nashville
…your class taught us to take whatever comes and deal with it. We started saying, after your class, that no matter what happens, we would make the best of it and that even if we ended up with a c-section, we would make it the best c-section we could. And I think we did!
Meagan D., Nashville